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100% of all donations given go directly to Haiti. HC Board contributes over 100% of all U.S. administrative costs.

Child Spotlight

Child Spotlight

Coming Soon: Each month HaitiChildren will spotlight the life and activities of one of our special children .. so stay tuned!

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HaitiChildren is featured in the World of Children Award Child Protection Blog Carnival.

Angels of a Lower Flight

Angels of a Lower Flight

The inspiring story of how one woman's message of hope and opportunity will change the lives of an entire generation.

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Because You Loved Me

Demons of Poverty

Demons of Poverty

Ted Boers, successful American entrepreneur, has devoted himself to improving the conditions of the poor in Haiti.

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In The News

  • Haiti protest demands justice for 3 slain deaf women

    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Hundreds of protesters marched in Haiti’s capital on Friday to demand justice following the brutal killings of three deaf women who were tortured, stoned and left in a gully by attackers. Mickelson Jean, leader of a Haitian association for the deaf, was one of roughly 300 people who marched in Port-au-Prince to call attention to the recent slayings. The women lived in the coastal village of […]


    HaitiChildren is featured in the World of Children Award Child Protection Blog Carnival. The Blog Carnival pulls together stories that represent the global breadth and depth of thinking and on-the-ground work that we and our fellow World of Children Award Honoree organizations are providing to protect children. Visit the Blog Carnival to read stories from fellow Honoree programs protecting children from child-trafficking, abuse, neglect, and the vulnerabilities associated with being […]

  • Bogus Election or Provisional Government?

    Article by Yves Pierre-Louis and Kim Ives. According to Haiti’s Constitution, President Michel Martelly should pass power to his successor on Feb. 7, 2016. However, due to his foot-dragging in holding elections during his five years in power and widespread fraud in the first two rounds of on-going elections, Haiti is in a full-blown political crisis, and the scheduled Feb. 7 transfer of power from one president to the next […]

  • Haiti Deserves a Legitmate Election

    There is an electoral crisis in Haiti. An election in October to choose a successor to President Michel Martelly was so marred by reports of ballot tampering, illegal voting and other abuses that the result has been widely denounced as illegitimate. Not just by the dozens of losing candidates — there were 54 people on the presidential ballot — but by independent election observers, human-rights groups, Haitian religious leaders, organizations of the […]

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