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100% Transparent

100% of all donations given go directly to Haiti. M&S Board contributes over 100% of all U.S. administrative costs.

GALA Thank You!

Gala 2014

THANK YOU! It was an amazing GALA! Our deepest thanks from the M&S Board, our Staff, and the Children!

100% Haiti

Mercy & Sharing employs hundreds of local Haitian men and women, and believes their orphans are the future of Haiti.



20 years and counting and still ever true to our mission of mercy in Haiti. Mercy & Sharing, a registered 501c3 non-profit, started in 1994 and we are on a mission of mercy to educate the forgotten, feed the hungry, house the neglected, show mercy and dignity to the abused, and empower a new generation to hope and sustainability.

Please join us.

Angels of a Lower Flight

Angels of a Lower Flight

The inspiring story of how one woman's message of hope and opportunity will change the lives of an entire generation.

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Demons of Poverty

Demons of Poverty

Ted Boers, successful American entrepreneur, has devoted himself to improving the conditions of the poor in Haiti.

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Because You Loved Me

In The News

  • Is USAID Helping Haiti to Recover, or US Contractors to Make Millions?

    The international community pledged enough aid to give every Haitian a check for $1,000. The money went elsewhere. The corrugated metal fences surrounding construction sites in downtown Port-au-Prince are covered with a simple message: “Haiti ap vanse,” or “Haiti is moving forward.” Where once many thousands of people made tattered tents and makeshift shelters their home, now massive concrete shells and cranes stand tall amidst the rubble. Returning to Haiti, […]

  • Hallett Academy Raises Funds for M&S Kids

    PRESS RELEASE Mercy & Sharing Debra Muzikar  |  Development Director debramuzikar@haitichildren.org 970-379-4490 On Friday, November 14, 2014, Susie Krabacher, Co-Founder of the non-profit Mercy & Sharing which serves children in Haiti, and The Links Organization of Denver kick-started a school philanthropy program called “Change for Change in Haiti.” Hallett Fundamental Academy’s goal is to raise $2,000 for the organization by collecting loose change over the next month. The mission of […]

  • Interview: Susie Krabacher, Co-Founder/President of Mercy & Sharing

    Interview by Nicole Weaver Recently, I had the distinct honor to meet Susie Krabacher, co-founder and president of Mercy & Sharing, an organization dedicated to Haitian children’s relief. Susie is a relentless advocate for children, and was the recipient of the prestigious 2000 International Humanitarian Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Haitians in Washington, DC. Mercy & Sharing believes in equipping children with the tools and skills […]

  • Mercy & Sharing 2014 Gala for Haitian Children’s Relief

    Blog by Nicole Weaver The other night I attended a most amazing event: my first Mercy & Sharing Haitian Gala. Mercy & Sharing is a one-of-a-kind organization whose mission is to provide care and education to abandoned, orphaned, and disabled children in Haiti. I first learned about Mercy & Sharing after reading the book Angels of a Lower Flight: One Woman’s Mission to save a Country…One Child at a Time […]

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