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A Letter From Our Founder

Dearest HaitiChildren Family,

Many of you have reached out to let us know that you and your families are praying for us during this hostile takeover by gangs in Haiti. In this letter, I will give you an update on the current situation from my point of view. At this moment our children and staff are safe. However, MANY of our staff and their family members have been attacked outside of the orphanage walls. They’ve been carjacked, held up with automatic weapons, and faced verbal and written death threats along with the constant fear of being kidnapped. For over 3 weeks, the roads surrounding the HaitiChildren Village have been blockaded making it impossible for our employees to go home and be with their families. Our doctors, nurses, and orphanage staff are thankfully able to speak with their families via phone.

Several months ago, you all funded the project to heighten our security walls. I cannot express the importance of that wall now that we are surrounded by gunfire. We have well-armed guards protecting the children and staff at our orphanage and clinics within the wall. Haitichildren’s schools, as well as ALL schools throughout the country, are closed due to a government (what’s left of it) mandate.

We have taken every measure we can afford to protect our little ones, but I take solace in this warning Jesus gave on the care of children:

“See that you do not look down on one of these little ones; for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 18:10

A former policeman (pictured above) who now calls himself “Barbecue” is the leader of an organized gang known as G-9. This gang is essentially running the country and is currently in possession/control of 188,000 barrels of fuel, thus, further disabling the population from traveling on blockaded main roads throughout the country. Under command of Barbeque, G-9 has built trenches around the areas of the seaport to stave off those who would interfere with black market trade and weapons import. His moniker is derived from his method of torture, which I have photos that would show, is unspeakably satanic.

In March of this year, one of our US HaitiChildren donors supplied our village with solar panels which have made it possible for our staff to work around the clock. As you are probably aware, many of our children, (63 at the present time) have severe disabilities or congenital health issues and need 24/7 care. I cannot overstate our appreciation for the success of this project. In the past, our children have had to endure complete darkness at night, and I feel their terror as I too have felt it when you have virtually no visibility and the dogs start barking to go along with the sound of all too close gunfire. Our child psychologist still works with them regarding their fear and anxiety. Our 15 HaitiChildren family dogs are also considered “weapons”. Let me tell you why. Recently the girl’s orphanage was infiltrated, late at night, by an alleged gang member seeking refuge from the police who were hot on his trail. The girls and their house mothers, all woke to find “Bouke” one of the girls’ dogs, trying to rip the screaming man’s arm off.

This video was the first time our children saw the Solar Lights that YOU helped make possible!I’m often asked, “Do you see an end to the mayhem?” It will not end without international intervention. We all know that. It never ends, in Haiti, without international intervention. The UN has not taken this possibility off the table and in a meeting, next week will likely impose sanctions on the gang leaders as well as economic and political gangsters who are fueling the despair for their own nefarious agendas. Where there’s chaos in Haiti, someone is always in control.

Sanctions won’t do the trick. Eventually, there will be “boots on the ground” who will call themselves peacekeepers. How do you “keep” peace if there is no peace in the first place? The UN will do this eventually. Not as a peacekeeping mission, but in order to force Haiti to hold elections since the country has had no legal governance since 1:00 am on July 7 last year, when President Moise was assassinated in his bedroom. Right after which, one of the leading murder suspects made a cell phone call to the now Prime Minister’s personal phone. Hmmm… Now that’s interesting. This man, who has claimed the highest governmental office in Haiti as Prime Minister, has failed to keep control of the country. But someone or perhaps many someones ARE in control.

Yes, Haiti is in complete cannibalistic destruction mode. Millions of citizens are revolting, tearing down the country’s infrastructure (not unlike some of our own citizens here in the U.S.) Many Haitians are in a state of rage as they watch their family members kidnapped, mutilated, and burned to death. The vast majority cannot afford to feed their own children and are forced to place them in orphanages, which in many cases then sell the child to unknowing adoptive parents. Yes, they are undoubtedly enraged, and a revolt was sure to happen. The U.S. keeps forcing elections while we are fully aware of the outcome because we know who will run the country the way we want it to run. The person that we can make a deal with is the person who gets to be President of Haiti.

We promise to turn a blind eye to human and drug trafficking, and we won’t investigate billions of dollars that have vanished from international aid or loans because we don’t want to upset the office that is doing exactly what we want them to do. Could it be that we are worried that China might want to make huge investments in Haiti and gain favor and control on that “very close” island? Are we concerned that mosques have been popping up in Haiti? Yes, our government must have a Haitian President who is compliant with all things regarding our country’s interests and concerns. Dang! That could cost a lot of money in bribes so let’s keep it legal on our side and just send aid to the Haitian government “legitimately” and look the other way when it’s stolen.

So, as a disclaimer, this is all my opinion as someone who has worked in Haiti for 28 years. I’ve seen this before and I know the game very well. If the 98% of Haitians who are not corrupt had a voice and a real vote that they believed mattered, the country could become the “Jewel of the Caribbean” as it once was.

I will continue to keep you all updated. If you have specific questions about the kids or staff members that you are concerned about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

From the heart,

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