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CNN states that donating to the wrong Haitian non-profit organization could support child trafficking

We have been talking about this issue for many years and are happy that CNN has revealed the truth about problems we witness all too often.

As CNN mentioned, there is active brokering of children by “Haitian orphanages” and child traffickers. If you select the wrong Haitian non-profit, your donation could support child trafficking rather than providing a child with a great future in their country.


HaitiChildren does not outwardly adopt children, but we are aware that a lot of orphanages do. We want to help solve this problem.

In response, we created a public service announcement program.  Women from the HaitiChildren community announce to mothers not to give up their children. Our community members travel from town to town using a megaphone to spread the word that HaitiChildren will provide free education and a future for their children.

In addition, we partnered with the agency Digicel to send 2m text messages telling Mother’s to call if they are separated from their children.  As a result, we received hundreds of responses that will help reunite parents with their children.

Please visit this section of our website to read more about the key issues Haiti is faced with:

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To read the full CNN article please click on the link below:

– Susie