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Wednesday, the partisans of the new political alliance of opposition in Petit-Goâve composed of Block of Democratic Opposition (BOD) [affiliated MOPOD] “Rezo Pitit pep”, “3 vwa” and of collective of Vialet, again took the streets to demand once again the restoration of the electricity and a large drop in the prices of petroleum products, among other things…

Arrived near the Parquet, protesters chanting about hostile not only against the investigating judge, Me Legène Léccius but also against the Government Commissioner, Me Alix Civil whose they demand the resignation, they threw stones against the police.

Our correspondent, the journalist Guyto Mathieu was injured by a stone’s throw to the left leg, when he questioned, Louicito Benjamin, a member of the New Alliance.

Many observers have strongly condemned the violent behavior of protesters who then blocked the national road #2.

Moreover, in Wednesday morning, young lawyers of Petit Goâve, wearing their robes and very angry, also started a violent protest against the presence of the investigating judge, Me Legéne Leccius, at the First instance court, which went to his office, under heavy police escort.

Thereafter, lawyers blocked the entrance of the court with chairs and desks. They loudly expressed and displayed placards against the judge Leccius that they accuse of corruption and seller of Justice “We no longer want to see Me Leccius in court. That he leave immediately because he made arbitrarily arresting Me Milord Anthony last week (link) ” declared lawyers.

Because of the protest movement, the judge Leccius prematurely left the court with the help of the police to take refuge to the police station of Petit-Goâve.

In an interview with journalists, on the Police station’s court, the judge Leccius rejected of a backhand the corruption charges against him and gave his version of the arrest of Me Anthony saying “I gave the order to arrest my colleague Me Milord, because he had uttered threats against me and violently struck my office, in addision he is charged in the burning of the home of Madame Anaise.”

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HL/ HaitiLibre / Guyto Mathieu (Correspondant Petit-Goâve)