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UPDATE regarding the five new orphans at HaitiChildren Village:

The children are all now safely at our orphanage and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the diligent, rapid actions of IBESR (which is an acronym for “Institut du BienEtre Social et de Recherches” which serves as Haiti’s Social Services on behalf of children and families), who rushed to get paperwork and documentation prepared so that we could take these children into our safe and loving care. Without the efforts of IBESR we would not have been able to rescue these precious children.

IBESR works with very limited financial resources—but they are not limited in their willingness to go the extra mile to assist HaitiChildren with our mission of saving children who have been abandoned. Special thanks to IBESR, we could not do the good work we do without their support and partnership!!

As for the children, we are happy to report that our staff Medical Director is seeing to their care individually. He is in the process of carefully assessing the needs and health concerns of each individual child. He then implements a treatment plan that will include nutrient dense food and milk, medicine and attention. The children are receiving the loving care of our “Mothers” who are on duty 24 hours every day to see to the children.

Pray for these angels, they need all the support and love possible!

Susie Krabacher
President of HaitiChildren

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