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Aspen, Colorado October 2, 2015, Mercy & Sharing announces that it has changed its name to HaitiChildren effective October 2, 2015.

HaitiChildren President, Robin Hamill, states that the name “Mercy & Sharing” has served this organization very well for two decades; however it was time to move on to branding that clearing states where we work, with whom we work and that we are a not for profit organization. We have the same mission, just a new name and outlook on how to achieve results.

About HaitiChildren (formerly Mercy & Sharing) For over twenty years, Aspen-based philanthropists Susie and Joe Krabacher have dedicated much of their lives to bringing desperately needed care to the youngest and most vulnerable residents of the Caribbean nation through their Haitian-registered humanitarian organization, Mercy & Sharing. “We believe that the best way to heal these children is in their own country,” says co-founder Susie Krabacher. “That’s why we work so hard to provide the children with the local support and services they need to heal and thrive.”

HaitiChildren has been providing diverse services to the most vulnerable of Haiti’s citizens for 21 years. Besides giving a home and 24/7 care to 130 children, HaitiChildren also runs three schools to educate over 1,100 students, serves 2,000 nutritious meals to the areas poorest villagers every day, supplies clean water daily to over 5,000, operates a medical care and therapy center, and employs 220 Haitians. HaitiChildren’s administrative staff of four in the United States is funded directly by its Board of Directors, so all donations raised go directly to programs in Haiti. HaitiChildren is supported by loyal private donors (no public funding), dedicated volunteer Board members and officers, and numerous volunteers. To learn more about HaitiChildren and how you can help, visit, or call 970-925-1492.