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Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your prayers.

Again I ask you all to keep asking our Father to heal Stevie, our 5 year-old boy at our orphanage in Haiti. Stevie has recently lost his sight after an infection related to Hydrocephalic Syndrome and complications after several surgical interventions. We are praying for supernatural wisdom for all the doctors in Haiti working to save his life. I know beyond any doubt that God wants to hear our prayers about this child and what we desire for him. Please pray for Stevie’s life.

Also I would like prayer for Joe and I, the HaitiChildren staff in Haiti, all of our children, and the widows as well.

Jesus Christ died for them and wants us to think and pray for them as His little children. Let’s claim God’s promises that he will not abandon them (Psalms 37:32-34).

We believe in our Lord Jesus. We do not doubt. We will never give up. We expect victory!


Susie Krabacher