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Dear Friends,

Two orphans at HaitiChildren Village are not well. Thanks for your support and prayers as our staff attends to their needs.

Steve Joseph continues to have leaking from the site of his hydrocephalus surgery last month. He has an infection in his brain and is receiving antibiotics. Our staff physician, Dr Agenor has found a neurosurgeon who can provide a consultation and hopefully treatment. We are hoping the surgeon can help the surgery site begin to heal and that Steve can have a shunt inserted in May. Steve’s condition is extremely critical and we are very concerned!

We have just learned that Freddy Hebron has a malformation which inhibits his breathing and he will need oxygen full time — perhaps for the rest of his life. Dr. Agenor is pursuing further testing to determine a treatment plan. We are also working to get portable oxygen for Freddy to have at HaitiChildren Village. We are very concerned because he is so frail, but he is a fighter!

Please share this with your friends and if you are connected to a prayer chain, please add Steve and Freddy!