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Study Shows: “Factors Contributing to Maternal-Child Separation in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti”

Hello All,

The HaitiChildren Family is as devoted as ever to providing a home to orphaned children and also to aiding families at risk of separation in Haiti. Researchers have recently released this study to evaluate maternal-child separation there. Our Haitian team of professionals was able to assist by informing the study. We are so grateful to the authors, who have produced a comprehensive article on the matter. This kind of research is crucial to the resolution of the systemic problems Haitian citizens endure. An ongoing sanctuary for over 100 orphans, HaitiChildren Village additionally provides family assistance through education, medical and health services and community building.

I’ve included a link to the study in full below. The main findings are very clear:

  • Economic means is the most commonly mentioned factor contributing towards maternal-child separation.
  • Means to provide education for the child is the next most commonly mentioned factor contributing towards maternal-child separation after economic means.
  • Lack of support from, absence of, or rejection by the partner/spouse is a contributing component to maternal-child separation.
  • Lack of support system contributes to maternal-child separation.
  • There is a pervasive negative stigma towards maternal-child separation.
  • Education surrounding and use of family planning measures is sparse.
  • While not cited as a factor in maternal-child separation, having a disabled child was repeatedly mentioned as a source of additional pressures, both social and financial.
  • Women reported fear of judgement from their communities.
  • Maternal mental health is poor overall, particularly in mothers separated from their children.

I hope that by understanding the circumstances facing our community in Haiti, you too will be inspired to support progress. Thank you to all who are sending support and prayers for our children in Haiti.

From the Heart,

Susie and the HaitiChildren Family

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