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On Friday night, April 24, 2015 while Fox News aired their Haiti expose about how the Clintons used Haiti earthquake funds to enrich themselves, HBO aired a VICE investigation to find out what happened to the $10 billion in aid collected. The 1.5 million people made homeless after the earthquake are worst off today than they were before the earthquake. They were mostly reshuffled out of the tents, repeatedly evicted into one horrible squalor after the other. The VICE segment explains how the $10 billion in aid made the privileged foreigner, richer.

Read below the article, written by Rick Cohen, for Non Profit Quarterly reviewing VICE on HBO’s report about the charity industry and the US government’s bipartisan aid racket in Haiti. Not that VICE’s mealy-mouthed coverage is this clear. There’s a USAID female spewing the same old line about Haiti not having the capacity to absorb aid. But she tells how USAID’s structural directives are to spend aid monies with US companies. No one focuses. No one mentions that making a market for US companies in Haiti means the US continually destroys local capacity, privatizes Haiti assets so that Haiti will perpetually depend on aid, that in turn, keeps USAID workers and subcontractors in cushy Ol’ Dixie jobs and lifestyle.

The latest news is that only 15% of the monies raised by the Clinton Foundation went to charity. A whopping 85% went for salaries, travel and benefits. Considering these revelations, Clarice Feldman, writing in The American Thinker, wrote: “The only questions remaining are when will she drop out of the race and can we expect a thorough investigation of the Foundation with appropriate consequence.”

The VICE segment analyzes what happened, uhmm “scientifically, by the numbers” without ever focusing on the elephant in the room – that foreign aid to Haiti is also a slush fund for US empire building. It’s a US tool for warfare, where spies and intelligence agents work at NGOs to carry out the policies of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. It’s subterfuge, sabotage and blatant economic slavery, dished out by the Bush and Clinton dynasties and their Hollywood friends, as building Haiti back better. “Better,” that is, in the white gaze. For the white psyche.

The white supremacist system loves to report on how awful life is for Haitians. Never mind that they created the conditions for all the slums in Haiti, in order to live off of it.

Site Soley, for instance, was created in the 1980s because of the sweatshop hoax and US policies. The unrest there, partly became the pretext for the 2004 US marine invasion, later outsourced to the UN. The earthquake slums that are allowed to fester, like Canaan, give the West a permanent job in peacekeeping, private security and drug dealing to heal the sicknesses associated with such squalor living conditions. That’s why the quake monies failed to build good homes, sanitation, clean water and infrastructure for the Haiti victims. (See also, Western Aid to Africa a Smoke Screen For ‘Looting’ The Continent.)

White folks have increased their good living and presence in Haiti in direct proportion to the unendurable misery and apartheid they are institutionalizing. After the US occupation began in 2004, the US tunneled and drilled, on the earthquake fault-line. They built the largest Embassy compound in the Western Hemisphere in tiny Haiti. It’s the fourth largest US Embassy in the world.

Someone said to me yesterday “how did Haitians let this happen without saying anything?” I write, for the record that, Haitians did speak up. Many lost their lives and freedom fighting to stop the sweatshop hoax, the US-trained militarized police and the heinous charitable industrial complex‘s greedy rampage. We pointed out that foreign aid and the crisis caravan is meant to cripple. It’s corporate welfare for the Bill Gates and Bill Clinton Foundations, just as it’s been for the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations. It’s the white men’s way of projecting himself as a benevolent Cecile Rhodes while gorging on Black blood, lands and resources. It’s a deadly depopulation scheme but no news outlet will tell you this. But the evidence is clear. USAID has formally been in Haiti for over 50 years, it’s net assistance to Haiti is zero. Haitians lived way better before it arrived.

Historically, Haiti has been a fiscal paradise for the White Savior Charitable Industrial Complex, otherwise known as the NGOs, the non-for-profits and the UN “peacekeepers.” Haitians put together a 14-Points For a Return of Haiti’s Sovereignty and for Disaster relief, Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity. But we were drowned out by the Hollywood/State Department propaganda about the non-racist, good-hearted, “US democracy bringers” to Haiti!

At the Free Haiti Movement we exposed, from day one, that US aid to Haiti is money laundering for the super rich. If, the centers of power had listened, there would be no cholera in Haiti, no ten thousand cholera deaths, no World Bank plundering of Haiti mining, no Clintons absconding with 10 billion in aid meant for sick and homeless. HLLN wrote: Go home US military: Haiti doesn’t need anymore pain.

But Black death and carnage always helps a white campaign for electoral office, or to ride out a world recession or to sell US newspaper and TV adds. Neither Vice News nor Fox News have yet found their way to understanding that Haiti is one of the LEAST violent places in the Western Hemisphere and that the UN MINUSTAH troops are the AFRICOM of the Western Hemisphere.

It will take maybe another 5 years for them to get there. To even begin to examine how Barack Obama installed dictatorship in Haiti.

Five years ago, while enduring the most unimaginable grief – 316,000 Haitians dead in 33 seconds – most thinking Haitians knew the Clintons, the Bushes, the sell-out Black misleadership in the US and the white charitable industrial complex would come to feed on the sick and traumatized Haiti survivors. We anticipated their fake benevolence, self-serving hero spiels and the many books that would be written about the sacrificing white guy, gal or foreigner who would rush in to “save” the Black woman’s child. Their rapist UN soldiers provided the fraudulent legal framework for the plunder. But that wasn’t enough. As the Fox News and HBO-Vice segments show, Haiti pain can now be used as a campaign tool by the US duopoly to attain or keep political power in the United States, by using failed Haiti reconstruction to bash in the heads of their political rivals. It’s not about ending US imperialism and racism towards Haiti.

Haiti has barely survived the last 100 years of US imperial tyranny, bullying and containment in poverty. The second US military occupation of Haiti has been outsourced to the UN and to US Private Military Security Contractors for over 11 years now. It’s time again to go on record and say: Haiti doesn’t need false US charity, but justice.

Go home Pamela White, go home Hillary Clinton, go home Samantha Powers. Go home cholera-infected UN rapists. Go home Chemonics. Go home Jim Yong Kim, Ban Ki Moon. Go home foreign pedophiles. Go home USAID. Go home US military. Haiti does not need any more pain. Indict, don’t elect another Bush or Clinton.

“…yesterday I died again. We’re traumatized, bruised and bloodied. But we’re still here because we can handle this and all that we know is still to come as we’re ‘rescued’ some more.” — Go home US military: Haiti doesn’t need anymore pain.

Ezili Dantò
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement
“The West has two faces. One evil.”