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HaitiChildren continues to operate in the diabolical conditions of the country.  Our staff have to leave their homes at 5am in order to arrive at our orphanage, clinics and schools at 8am.   Civilian groups and anti-corruption organizations have vowed to march and protest until 3.9 billion dollars of government funding is accounted for.  In an oil deal gone bad, according to several accounts (see links here) the social and economic structure of Haiti has collapsed into chaos without a solution in sight.

We are unable to safely transport medicine, food, medical staff until the government of Haiti and the anti corruption or “opposition” have open talks.  Until that happens our children are in danger of dying without their medical that requires travel on roads that are thick with tear gas and the sound of gunfire.

Where is the strong “advice” from all the foreign governments who give hundreds of millions every year to the government of Haiti?

We need help here.