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The HaitiChildren Village is home to 131 abandoned Haitian children ranging in age from nine months to 24 years old (older residents are disabled). Sixty-eight of our children suffer from some form of mental and/or physical disability. HaitiChildren is one of only a few organizations in Haiti that will welcome disabled, abandoned children and the only one with a comprehensive rehabilitation and therapy program. HaitiChildren works very closely with IBESR, which is the Government of Haiti’s department that regulates orphanages and the placement of abandoned children. Every child living with us has been approved by IBESR.

HaitiChildren does not outwardly adopt children. We believe that families should remain intact and remain in Haiti. In the event children have no other option, HaitiChildren welcomes abandoned children to live with us. We do not use the term “orphan.” Many of the children that live with us have living family members that have abandoned their children. Further, once children come to live with us, they have a family; they are no longer abandoned and never referred to as “orphaned.”

Over the last 24 years, HaitiChildren has developed a systematized approach to addressing the needs of each abandoned child. The goal is for each child to become as healthy, educated, independent, and self-sufficient as possible. The HaitiChildren Village employs 96 Haitians. The staff is led by our Village Director, Mdm Suze Selmon, and includes “Mothers/Fathers,” medical staff, physical therapy staff, a Social Worker, cooks, laundry, maintenance staff, drivers, pastors, and security professionals.

The children and staff receive three nutritious meals per day, water, juice, and snacks. We arrange for field trips, so our children can better understand their country and how they can be part of the future of Haiti. Also, trips to the beach across the road for recreation are a favorite activity!

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