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The HaitiChildren Learning Academy is located at the HaitiChildren Village. It is a tuition-free primary school that educates 350 children, including 60 children from the HaitiChildren Children’s Residences and 290 from the nearby village of Williamson and the hamlets of Duco 1 and Duco 2. Some children walk over an hour and a half each way up and down the mountain to attend our school.

The school provides a high-quality education with a curriculum that includes math, geography, French, grammar, health/hygiene, a creative arts program, and one hot meal per school day (50,000+ meals annually). Emphasis on Haitian history and culture is also taught as we believe it is very important for students to understand and appreciate their country in the expectation that they will serve a role in its future development.

You Can Make An Impact

Reduce childhood mortality from disease, advocate for the rights of women and girls, help educate the children of Haiti and create a sustainable future by donating today.