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Why Is Sustainability Important?

The natural environment is crucial to the well-being and sustenance of people worldwide, particularly in developing nations like Haiti. HaitiChildren is vital in creating an environment that provides essential resources such as food and water, which can contribute to economic growth and help combat natural disasters.

HaitiChildren Farming

We cultivate a variety of 15 fruits and vegetables on our farm. Additionally, we rear chickens, goats, cows and honey bees. Our collective efforts allow us to serve more than 500 meals daily. With the aid of your contributions and "Food for the Poor", we have constructed three greenhouses. This growth has generated employment and a self-sustaining atmosphere.

Chicken, Cows and Goats

Thanks to our supporters' generosity, we have acquired chickens, cows, goats, and honey bees and construct greenhouses and shelters. The children raise and nurture the animals, which supply us with eggs and other food items. HaitiChildren keeps the farm running by selling the animals, eggs, and produce, which helps us generate revenue for our organization. With our supporters' help, we could purchase chickens, cows, goats, and honey bees and build greenhouses and shelters. The children help raise and care for the animals that provide eggs and other foods. HaitiChildren sustains the farm by selling the animals, eggs, and produce, bringing money back into the organization.

The HaitiChildren Village

The HaitiChildren Village provides a home to 119 Haitian children who have been abandoned or orphaned and have special needs. They receive care from over 160 committed Haitian employees.

You Can Make An Impact

Reduce childhood mortality from disease, advocate for the rights of women and girls, help educate the children of Haiti and create a sustainable future by donating today.